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Making Planning Processes Public in Upham's Corner

As part of our work with Upham's Corner ArtPlace, the Design Studio is putting on another pop-up exhibit in Upham's Corner. This one, entitled "Making Planning Processes Public" aims to do just that, as Upham's is slated for multiple types of investment and redevelopment. The exhbit is another chance to put "creative placemaking" in the hands of community residents and to use the skills and creativity of local artists to invite residents deeper into the planning processes.

We are excited that Upham's Corner Main Street is hosting us again and thriled to be working with local arists Cedric Dougles and Philippe Lejeune. (They're going to blow your mind!) We are grateful to funding from The Boston Foundation and ArtPlace, and partnerships with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and MIT's Center for Civic Media's awesome Co-Design class. Finally, our MPPP interns, Corina McCarthy-Fadel and Diego Perez Lacera have been tireless and invaluable!

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer! We would love to have you.  

volunteer [at] ds4si.org

The exhibit will run from April 29th--May 5th, from 3-7pm each day. More event details coming soon.


Save the Date! Dance Politics May 16th-18th

More info on presenters, dancers and registration coming soon! If you have something you'd like to bring/present/dance, contact us via email: art [at] ds4si.org

And many thanks to our allies at Future Boston.


Kimani Gray, Afrophobia and Systems Change


Photo from NBCnewyork.com

On March 9th, 2013, 16-year old Kimani Gray was shot and killed by two plainclothes NYPD police officers.  The East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn responded with protests, vigils and public outrage. Since Gray’s shooting death falls on the heels of a series of such acts nationally, we at DS4SI want to share how we are thinking about this problem, with the humble hope that it will be a useful tool for activists around the country.

Click here for a short PDF on using our "Five S" methodology to think through the structures, systems, sensations, scale and symbols that can help us set the problem within the larger national context of Afrophobia, as well as helping us think about new ways to address the shooting and connect it to other complex problems facing our communities.


Two Local Artists Chosen for Our "Making Planning Processes Public" Exhibit

We are proud to announce the two artists we've selected for our upcoming interactive installation entitled “Making Planning Processes Public” in Upham's Corner. The installation will be open to the public from Apriil 29th--May 5th in the Upham's Corner Main Street office next to the Strand.

Cedric Douglas (above), a local artist with his art studio on Humphries Street, was chosen for the integrated public signage commission. He brings a rich background in using everyday objects to communicate messages to the public.


Philippe Lejeune of Brookline was selected for his creative installations that engage the public in rethinking their subjectivity. Both bring a wealth of experience about public art, installations and the Boston area to our art partnership.

We took our artists on a tour of Upham’s Corner to start imagining what the full installation and integrated signage will feel and look like.

Philippe Lejeune, left, with Cedric Douglas, right, at Upham's Corner intersection of Columbia Ave and Dudley Street.

Design Studio's Kenny Bailey with artists (and another local artist) in front of Cedric's art studio on Humphries Street near Upham's Corner.

Cedric and Philippe thinking about possible spaces for signage or installations...


This upcoming installation is part of our work with the Upham's Corner ArtPlace initiative, funded by ArtPlace and The Boston Foundation.


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