Dance Politics This Week!

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How are we moved by the movements we mold, lead and work to sustain?

How do we more deeply embody the movements we believe in?

Dance Politics is about getting into our bodies and to more deeply engage with our movement. Activists and organizers will gather to think and dance with performers and philosophers, bringing our body wisdom into what we know, and how we work in our social movements.

How is the body and its ability to express joy tied up in the political unconsciousness of empire? Through reading dance we will look at the ways in which power exacts itself upon our bodies. We will look at how to better be with our bodies to more fiercely engage with the forces of control that are a constant in our lives. How can we break loose of the paradigms of power that we interact with habitually? We will question the ways we have moved, and allow ourselves to break loose of habituated movements, let go, and move grounded in liberation and freedom.

At the 2014 Dance Politics we will:

EXPLORE exhilaration, the body and sensibility through the cultures of various alternative dance scenes, looking for new ways to approach social concerns, engage our publics and rethink what constitutes the political.

BE INSPIRED BY the bodily and sensual knowledge embedded within the worlds of dance from popular dance to dance as high art.

RE-IMAGINE how our protests, tactics, and demands could be influenced by how the body might transform the current forms in which we engage people.




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