Black History Month: UHURU Black Liberation Lab is ON for tonight, February 17th



New Transportation Art Commissions Open Now


The Design Studio for Social Intervention is offering five $1000 art commissions to Boston-area artists. Selected artists will get to showcase transportation-inspired work at a city-wide Vision Forum on March 21st and 22nd. Artwork previously completed and used in other contexts is acceptable. More details coming soon...


From Kimani Gray to Michael Brown to Tamir Rice to Eric Garner, with so many black lives lost in between. This is a piece we wrote about Afrophobia and systems change after Kimani Gray was murdered by two policemen in Brooklyn. It is still all too relevant.

Here is a piece we just did after the Ferguson verdict, aiming to give us all a new framework for stepping up and stepping in when there is a social emergency like we are in now.








At the Design Studio we design and prototype alternative ways to approach and address complex social problems. We explore unusual solutions, ones that’s very existence help the system see new options for solving stubborn problems.


The Design Studio for Social Intervention: Changing how social justice is imagined, developed and deployed.