Damon Davis @ the Studio

Damon Davis inspired many artists and activists at the Studio this past week, and we are so grateful he took the time to come by not just onece but twice. For those of you who missed him, he is an Emmy Award winning artist from St. Louis who is traveling around the country to display his Ferguson-inspired art. After he spoke with us, some local artists were inspired to join him in his wheatpasting efforts:

Ashmont Station

Grove Hall

Shelburne Center

Thanks to the artists who are helping spread these beautiful images of the activists in Ferguson.

From Kimani Gray to Michael Brown to Tamir Rice to Eric Garner, with so many black lives lost in between. This is a piece we wrote about Afrophobia and systems change after Kimani Gray was murdered by two policemen in Brooklyn. It is still all too relevant.

Here is a piece we just did after the Ferguson verdict, aiming to give us all a new framework for stepping up and stepping in when there is a social emergency like we are in now.








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